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Mango is considered to be one of the 3 or 4 mildest tropical fruit. It is obtained from the tree with the same name.

It has an ovoid shape, non-edible rind and variable colour, from of pale yellow to dark red. The pulp is sticky and its coloration ranges from yellow to orange. The taste of ripe mangoes is sweet, and quite acid when still green. It is a juicy and fibrous fruit, with a stone inside. Its size oscillates between 5-20 cm long, weighing between 300-400 g, although some of them may get to weigh one kilo.
Nutrition and eating
Mango is a fruit with a high content in glucids. Its non-soluble fibre content is low, as its caloric value. Mangoes may reduce the risk of contracting diseases in general because they intensify the immunological functions.

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